Quartzite – durability and strength!

Quartzite – durability, hardness, strength!

 Is there such a natural material, the buildings from which will stand for more than one century? Imagine there is! It is a quartzite stone. It does not change its properties for almost three centuries of intensive use, even under the most unfavorable conditions. This is due to the peculiarities of its origin. As a result of recrystallization of sandstones, including the ongoing changes in silicon sediments, quartz porphyry and similar mountain minerals, natural quartzite is formed.

Continuously under enormous pressure, experiencing the effect of high temperatures, the influence of all kinds of gases and waters, siliceous sediments are cemented, turning into monolithic boulders, which are not afraid of time and various cataclysms. This process takes hundreds of thousands of years. As a result, the resulting quartzite has no equal in terms of durability. As a result, it is successfully used in construction, and in completely different areas: the construction of buildings, airfields, roads, etc. Although as a result of its unparalleled density and hardness, quartzite stone is quite difficult to work with.

Due to its composition, which is based on quartz, this mineral is fantastically beautiful. You can find natural quartzite in all kinds of textures, colors and shades. The classic color of quartzite is white. Depending on the impurities present in it, it can be brick, yellow, cream, raspberry, purple, cherry and even green, purple and blue colors. After polishing, this noble mineral does not lose its color and shine throughout the entire service life. In view of this, it will be an excellent solution for interior decoration of apartments and country houses.

Quartzite stone floors look gorgeous. They can be heated for added comfort. This mineral is not afraid of even very high temperatures, therefore, a fireplace made from it will delight not only with comfortable warmth and beauty, but also with durability. Immunity to water makes it suitable for use in kitchens and baths. So, bar counters, sinks, shower cubicles will add a unique flavor to the interior, a quartzite fountain will create an atmosphere of luxury and wealth. Products made from natural stone will also be appropriate in the winter garden.
Moreover, quartzite stone is not without reason considered a magic stone. Using it in the interior of the house in any form, whether it be cladding or decorations, small forms, etc., will revive harmony in the house, strengthen family relations, give a sense of responsibility and nobility, adding decisiveness and self-confidence to timid people.
But not only in the house you can use natural quartzite. It will successfully decorate any landscape. Will they be paved with paths and access roads, tiled foundation or arranged a pool, flower garden or rabatki. Sparkling in the sun, thanks to inclusions of quartz, it will turn any possession into an inimitable composition, where it will always be comfortable to be.

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